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Honda Patents CB125R-Based Electric Motorcycle

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Honda is said to be working on a new electric motorcycle, as per the latest patents that were filed by the Japanese company. The patent images clearly show the electric motorcycle is based on the Honda CB125R, featuring the same Neo Sports Cafe design theme. In fact, not only are the body panels the same, but the wheels, brakes and suspension are also virtually identical to the CB125R. Naturally, Honda would have had to make changes to the frame to accommodate the electric motor and battery pack, instead of the petrol-powered single-cylinder engine. 

Using an existing platform for developing an electric motorcycle is a practical step by Honda, as it results in huge savings, both in terms of costs and development time. That said, Honda has been tight lipped about its planned electric vehicles, and besides these patent images, there's no other information about the electric motorcycle's name or the specifications of the electric motor. All we can see is that the said motor looks quite compact and slots neatly into the slim chassis. 

Going by the dimensions of the motorcycle, we can assume that the electric motor may offer similar levels of performance as existing 125-150cc motorcycles, which, considering the size of the model, should be adequate. The battery pack is expected to be located in the fuel tank cavity and it remains to be seen if Honda offers a removable battery setup for added charging convenience.  We are sure this electric bike will hit the market in Nepal with huge popularity.

As far as the launch is concerned, the sketches suggest that the product is some way down the development process. That said, besides Honda's silence about the electric motorcycle, the current COVID-19 scenario around the world may affect timelines. We have to wait little bit longer for more updates on this electric bike. Stay tune with us for more auto news in Nepal.


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