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5 Coronavirus(Co-Vid 19) Safety Tips For Driving

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With a recent rising case of Nobel Co-Vid 19, travelers all around the globe has either halted their travel plan for travelling to the distant places or have taken security measures to protect themselves from contamination. With countries protecting their airport and entry points in tight scrutiny, meeting points are now a quarantine and rush hour seems traffic free. As the roads aren’t germ free, spreading of germs and probability of contamination can only be dispelled by self-awareness. If you or your colleagues are driving on their own, you are the one who are the must protected but contamination can happen anywhere any time. Thus, the spreading of virus can only be controlled by following safety protocols and strict control over basic driving hygiene. Here is the list of five basics things you must do to dispel this pandemic while you are driving:

  1. Use Gloves / Sanitizer:

As a basic safety protocol, it is advised to wear gloves while you are driving your two wheelers or four wheelers. Following this basic safety protocol, your hands will be protected by gloves and won’t be exposed to the contaminated surfaces. While driving always carry a sanitizer and cleanse your hand swiftly with it and also your steering to avoid contaminations. Following the basic safety protocol will help you meet your basic hygiene protocol and can save you from contaminations. 

  1. Use Face Mask:

Particulate Matter (PM 10) is 10µm in diameter due to poor quality roads, construction sites, and farms and PM 2.5 (particles less than 2.5 µm in diameter) penetrate deep into the lung, irritate and corrode the alveolar wall, consequently impair lung function and even penetrate the blood. Thus, it is advised to wear mask if you are travelling in city roads and wearing mask will also stop contamination and spreading of the virus. Always remember can only be responsible for yourself only.

  1. Clean Interiors:

According to stats, the interior of the automobiles is one of the filthiest places and can be even dirtier than a seat of the toilet. Steering wheels in particular is four times dirtier and average amount of bacteria or colony-forming units (CFU) in steering wheels is 629 CFU worse than public toilet seats which has 172 CFU. Staphylococcus bacteria and Propionibacterium that can cause inflammation and infection and 700 different other bacteria strains live inside a typical vehicle. Thus, it is advised to clean interiors of the car with alcoholic sanitizer most often in-order to protect from Co-Vid and other viruses.

  1. Clean Exteriors:

Some household cleaning products can harm car exteriors so always choose specialist car cleaning products but cleaning cannot be undermined. As the recent research have shown, the virus sustains in an iron ore for more than 13 hours. So, watch out that cleaning doesn’t make your car dirtier, change the rinsing water and use clean sponge. Clearly instruct your automobile washer, if you are going to outsource this cleansing activity not to opt any gravel and grit and give it a virus and contamination free shine.

  1. Avoid Traffic and Mass parking space:

It is advised by the government and health organization to skip busy areas in this pandemic but people won't stop living and they still like to do things that they normally do. Just don't feel crazy of the health concerns surrounding the spread of coronavirus but at least try to avoid Traffics and Mass Parking space as contamination can occur anytime.  Use sanitizer and soap-water almost every time just like the seat belt you use while you are driving. 

‘Stay Safe Peeps’

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