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Motorcycle Catches Fire in Nepal While Riding

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A video grab of a motorcycle catching fire at the Baglung road in Nepal, while the rider is sitting astride, has gone viral on social media. The fire spread and engulfed the whole motorcycle. The motorcycle was a total loss, but luckily no injuries happened. The man attempted to extinguish the fire but was unsuccessful. Here, we have a video that shows a motorcycle catching fire while riding on it:

According to the video, it seems that the fire started from underneath the seat of the running motorcycle. We see a man on a Hero Xpulse 200. The incident took place a month ago today, said Bikash Acharya, a motorcyclist owner. The reason for the fire is yet unknown. While such incidents don't occur daily, one should remember that this can happen anywhere and to anyone. After the video went viral, the motorcycle has been trolled heavily on social media.

"I was on my way home from the office three days after I bought a motorcycle. At the same moment, when the heat came from underneath the seat, I stopped the motorbike, and it started burning and destroyed instantly. Fortunately, nothing happened to him." said Acharya. Acharya said that he had a test ride on Xpluse 200 and bought the same motorcycle after he liked it. Acharya has questioned the company saying that he has not found a solution yet on a motorbike after a month. 'A month ago when the incident was reported, the company said not to bring this matter out to the public.

Riding a motorbike is adventurous and an exhilarating experience. However, it’s important to understand some basic motorcycle safety tips to make sure your next ride is a safe one.If something is wrong with your motorcycle; it is in your best interest to find out before hitting the road. To make sure your motorcycle is in good running condition, check the following:

  •  Tires: Check for any cracks or bulges (low tire pressure or any defect could cause an explosion)
  •  Under the motorcycle: Look for signs of oil or gas leaks
  • Headlight, taillight and signals: Test for high and low beams
  • Hydraulic and Coolant fluids: Level should be checked always
  • Clutch and throttle: Make sure they are working smoothly
  • Mirrors: Clean and adjust all mirrors to ensure sharpest viewing
  • Brakes: Test front and rear brakes
  • Horn: Test the horn

Lastly, get your bike insured and enjoy those thrilling road trips. A comprehensive bike insurance policy will provide you with extensive coverage for all kinds of unforeseen events so that you can have a completely hassle-free drive.

What is covered?

  • Covers accidental damage to your bike or third party
  • Coverage against any theft, loss, and damage
  • Any damages caused by natural calamities

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