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Mavox Helmets Launched FX30 That Filters The Air You Breathe

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Air pollution levels in the major Asian cities are dangerously high at the moment, with the Air Quality Index reaching hazardous levels in many locations. One of the worst-affected demographics is two-wheeler riders, who have to face this choking pollution on a daily basis. Now, however, there is some respite with Gurugram-based Mavox Helmets launching its new FX30 model.

What’s special about this helmet? It uses an activated charcoal filter in its front vents to filter the air that you breathe. Activated charcoal is charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to open up its pores. As a result of this, it can absorb airborne particles as well as chemical pollutants from the surroundings.

After heavy usage, the carbon filter can be removed and the captured dust can be washed out, following which it can be put back into the helmet and reused. Mavox has not yet revealed how many of these cycles the filter can withstand, and whether its effectiveness will diminish over time.

The helmet itself is a full-face unit with ISI and ECE certification, and also gets UV resistant paint. The visor forms a watertight seal and an internal sun visor is also present. The chin strap gets a clip-type fastening system and the FX30 is offered in two shell sizes, but weight hasn’t been disclosed. Prices start at Rs 2,565 for solid colour schemes and go up to Rs 2,999 for designs with graphics while the price for Nepal is yet to be confirmed. The FX30 can be bought on all major online retail platforms.

The full press release is attached below:

As the world is suffering from a severe level of air pollution with the AQI (Air Quality Index) reaching its peak and making the city dwellers suffer. To curb the pollution level in the city, from brands to Government many air pollution control measures are being executed. While the air purifiers are a saviour indoors, the Government has implemented the odd-even scheme on the roads. As car purifiers are a saviour for four-wheelers, now, even the two-wheeler daily commuters have an activated carbon filter helmet at their rescue to keep the air pollution in the city at a distance. Mavox Helmets from the house of Sandhar Amkin Industries Pvt Ltd. brings to limelight its range of activated carbon air filter helmets that can filter the polluted air up to 93%.

Activated Carbon also known as ‘Activated Charcoal’ is charcoal treated with oxygen to open pores of carbon atoms which help it in absorbing certain airborne particles as well as harmful chemicals and gases which leads to poor air quality. Bringing in an air of relief to all two-wheeler riders, Sandhar Amkin’s Mavox FX30 Max is the perfect solution to all their miseries. The carbon filter present in the helmets attracts the air pollutants and traps them from returning back to the air, resulting in cleaner air to breathe in.

Another noteworthy feature of Activated Carbon Filter Mavox FX 30 Helmets is that post heavy usage; one can take out the air filter to wash out the dust captured by the filter. Protected by UV resistant paint and certified by ECE, it has qualified outer visor, optimally positioned aerodynamic air vents for excellent air circulation, watertight interface visor, wide optical for an enhanced vision, one large top vent for single-hand usage and is also scratch-resistant along with a compact design.

Mr. Ayyushman Mehta, Managing Director, Sandhar Amkin Industries Pvt. Ltd, said, “Mavox FX30 is specifically designed for frequent riders with optimum focus on their health. With the current air quality worsening, our helmet’s provides end-to-end safety of our riders not just physically but also from the toxic pollutants present in the air. The Activated Carbon filters present in the helmet ensures to safety from air pollutants up to 93%.”


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