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How To Keep Your Vehicle Safe From Infections

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The past month has been difficult for everyone all over the world with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.The past month has been difficult for everyone all over the world with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. As a response, governments all around the globe have taken measures like enforcing lockdowns in most major cities around the world. In addition to this, the last couple of days has seen the government halt vehicular travel on public roads for the time being. While any chance of driving a vehicle in the current scenario is out of the question, we can still prepare our rides for when the lockdown eventually lifts. 

Just as we’re taking measures to keep our indoor surroundings infection free, our vehicles also require some attention to this. While we pay regular attention to keep the car’s exterior clean, it is more crucial to pay attention inside. This is because areas like the steering wheel, console switches, inside door handles, power windows switches, infotainment systems gloveboxes, gear knobs, cupholders seats as well as seatbelts are exposed to maximum human contact. Here are a variety of things you can do to keep your vehicle clean. 


Before we get into the detailed cleaning, you can start off by a simple dusting or vacuuming of areas like the seats as well as front and rear floor mats. This is because over time, the cabin accumulates grimes of dust, or leftover food crumbles that aren’t removable without a proper dust job. 


Now here is where the real work is to keep the cabin clean. Areas like the steering wheel, gear knobs,  inside door handles, infotainment systems, console switches, gloveboxes, as well as seatbelts will need to be cleaned with a disinfectant to keep the cabin sanitised.  However, keep in mind that specific surface related interior cleaners will need to be used in order to avoid damage to components like the infotainment system. Another area of attention is the air conditioning system, to rid of bacteria and fungi. While these are preferable to be serviced by an authorised service station, specific vent and duct cleaning agents from car care brands like Armorall and Motomax can be used.

If you're confused about the types of cleaning agents you can simply use an alcohol-based disinfectant like Dettol. Apply a small amount to a cloth and wipe down the frequently infected areas. Another solution is to dampen the cloth in soap water and wipe it on areas like the dashboard and door handles. Then give another wipe, this time with a dry cloth. However caution needs to be exercised in order to avoid soap residue getting into electronics like the infotainment system. 

Santizers :

Now that the real cleaning part is done, it is best to stock your car up with a bottle or two of hand sanitizers that you can apply before using the car. Even a stock of sanitary napkins can come handy.

Social Distancing:

Last, but not least, social distancing is the most effective way to avoid the spread of infections in the car. Some measures include avoiding handing the car over to valets, and keeping some distance from fuel pump attendants at fuel stations.

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