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हिरोको बहुप्रतिक्षित एक्सपल्स-२००टी अब छिट्टै नेपाली बजारमा

हिरोले नेपाली बजारमा फेरि एउटा सशक्त प्रतिस्पर्धी बाइकलाई उतार्ने भएको छ । २०० सीसीको निकै प्रतिस्पर्धात्मक सेगमेन्टमा हिरोले बहुप्रतिक्षित ‘एक्सपल्स-२००टी’ बाइक नेपाल ल्याउन ल्याउने तयारी भएको हो । यो एड्भेन्चर बाइक हो, जुन नेपाली सडकका लागि सबैभन्दा सहज र सुरक्षित मानिन्छ ।एक्सपल्सको बिभिन्न भेरिएन्टमा एक्सपल्स...

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Hero Karizma ZMR Sportbike To Be Relaunched

Hero Karizma ZMR has not yet been discontinued and it has been made clear by the brand itself. The sales report of the last 3 months claim zero units for the model but that one is typical for the Asian market and does not include...

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Hero XPulse 200 Review

It's affordable, it's relatively light, un-intimidating and promises proper adventure capability. The Hero XPulse 200 is a one of its kind motorcycle, with no real competition. And it promises a level of versatility no other motorcycle can boast of. So, you can practically use it for the...

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