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Tata To Launch Altroz Electric vehicle In Nepal

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Tata Altroz EV along with its conventional spec was unveiled in the recent Geneva Motor Show. This has astonished the potential consumers. The millennial world is now gradually heading towards clean commutation modes making buyers confused between buying an ICE powered car or an electric one. Although both versions of the upcoming Tata Altroz appear to be ready for production, the Altroz EV will feature a concept-like futuristic interior.

The upcoming EV model will receive a motor underneath the bonnet as well as a battery pack present inside the floor. This will eventually lead to a flat floor with an absence of transmission. While there will be a similar shoulder room, the upcoming EV’s cabin will be more spacious. The central console will be removed and the gear shifter will get replaced with a drive mode selector which will be present between the 2 seats in the front. The Tata brand claims it to be possible via the Alfa ARC platform which is designed for the EV.

When we talk about the features, the upcoming EV concept will have a funkier interior appeal present with a massive floating screen present in the middle along with a climate control having a separate display unit. However, all these features will get replaced with a standard infotainment system and buttons present in the production spec. We can expect the Tata to provide the Harrier’s large 8.8-inch infotainment system for a supreme feel. Similar to the regular Tata Altroz and Tata Harrier, the upcoming EV’s instrument cluster will be hosting an analogue speedometer to the right and digital display unit present on the left side.

The upcoming Tata Altroz EV will receive an all-electric powertrain with a lithium-ion battery pack and a permanent magnet AC motor. The Tata claims that the charging time of the EV will be an hour in which the car will get up to 80% charged. The battery pack will be settled on the floor, which will lead the hatchback to have a lower center of gravity which will ultimately improvise the handling dynamics eventually.

When we talk about the mileage efficiency stats, the upcoming Altroz EV will deliver between 250 km to 300 km worth of range in a single charge. We can expect the fuel tank capacity of the Altroz EV to be around 40 litres. Tata brand claims that this range will be made possible by utilizing clever battery management software alongside keeping up with the low weight of the car. The upcoming Altroz EV will become Tata's first-ever long-range Electric vehicle in Nepal.

As Tata Altroz EV is a concept car to be launched by 2020, henceforth it has not been spytested till date. The performance and handling part will be unveiled at the time of its launch. If setting a trend for a premium electric hatchback is your motto which doesn’t have range anxiety then the upcoming Altroz EV will be the right choice for you.


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