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Tata Tigor Launched The Electric Vehicle Tigor EV

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Tata Motors has finally launched their first all-electric car – the much-awaited Tigor EV.  For now, the new Tata e-car will be on sale only for commercial purposes such as fleet vehicle operators and not for the general public.

The new Tata EV is being offered in Tigor XM and Tigor XT mid-spec versions. The all-electric Tata Tigor compact sedan variants get power from a 16.2kWh battery that generates 41.5 bhp at 4,500rpm and a peak torque of 105Nm at 2,500rpm at the front wheels with the help of a 3-phase, 72V AC induction motor. Tata Motors claims a max range of 142km on a single charge.

The company also claims that the battery pack is chargeable with a DC 15kW fast charger, which can charge 80 percent in ninety minutes, whereas a regular AC power socket would take six hours to do the same amount of charge. Tata Motors is offering a warranty of 3-years per 1.25 lakh kilometers on the Tigor EV and the battery pack. 

The Tigor electric sedan gets ABS, dual airbags in the front, rear parking sensors, etc., which are some basic safety features added in order to comply with the new safety regulations that is applicable from next month.

On the outside, there is little to differentiate the Tigor EV from the standard Tigor model except for EV badge on the front and blue decals on the sides. Inside the cabin too, the differentiation is very subtle manifested through the knob gear-lever in the EV version.

The power to the wheels is generated by three-phase induction motor having the total output of 30 kW @4500 rpm which roughly equates to 40 bhp of max power. The output of a Tigor EV is expected to be mediocre and the potential buyers will like to use the car only for intra-city travel. Tata Motors has refrained from disclosing the range although there is a mention of fast charging capability of the car.

Powering the Tigor EV is a 72V, 3-Phase AC induction motor. This makes about 41PS and 105Nm. Claimed performance figures are a 0-60kmph time of 12s and a top speed of 80kmph. A 16.2kWh battery feeds the motor, which gives it a 142km range. The battery can be charged to 80 per cent of its capacity in six hours via a normal charger or in 1.5 hours by a fast charger.

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