Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycles In The Making

The revolutionary switch to electric mobility is unstoppable, irrespective of how much the bike enthusiasts dislike it. Every manufacturer is today devoted to offering electrification to its customer base and in the race, Royal Enfield does not want to be left out.

In an interview with ET Auto, the Royal Enfield’s CEO Mr Vinod Dasari has confirmed that the brand has already started working upon its electric motorcycles. He also added that even though there is a downturn in the market, the brand has not reduced the capital infusion for the year. Instead, Royal Enfield is trying to utilise the amount in the development of its new products and it also includes the development process of its electric motorcycles.

He said in his official statement, “I think we have hit the bottom. Given the range of products that will come, it (a double-digit growth rate) is possible. The general economic sentiment has also got to improve. High-end vehicles get hit much worse during downturns. But the minute the sentiment improves, the fastest-growing segment will also be this.”

“Just because there was a downturn, we did not cut down on our capex. I don’t think we’ll spend any more on any large (facility). Most of our capex will go into capability building, new products, electric and other stuff. And it will also go into many small assembly plants around the world”, added Dasari.

Through his statement, it can be concluded that Royal Enfield will be developing new products and electric motorcycles, which will be done by setting up small-scale assembly plants across India as well as Nepal. It is being speculated that the company may showcase a fully-electric prototype at the EICMA that will be held in November next year.


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