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Electric Bike Maker Energica Likely To Enter Nepal By 2020

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Until now, we’ve seen a few electric motorcycles and e-scooters (a tonne of electric scooters) getting launched in Nepal. But apart from Ultraviolette, we haven’t received any performance-oriented EV which is yet to be launched in Nepal. However, this might change soon. Italian bike maker Energica is planning to launch its first all-electric motorcycle in Nepal by either the end of 2020 or in the first half of 2021.

Speaking about the development, a top executive from Energica said, “We have been concentrating on Europe and the US. But now we want to concentrate on Asia. So, we would also like to have the opportunity to sell our bikes in India. Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam and Japan are more involved in bikes, but the next step for sure will be India and China.” 

For the uninitiated, Energica is the primary supplier of electric motorcycles for the MotoE. It manufactures some of the most powerful electric motorcycles on the planet. Currently, Energica has three motorcycles in its portfolio: EsseEsse9, Ribelle and the Ego. The EsseEsse9 and the Ego are also available in ‘+’ variants. 

The company’s flagship motorcycle, the Ego +, is one of the most powerful and fastest electric motorcycles out there. It features a 21.5kWh lithium-polymer battery whereas the standard Ego is powered by a smaller 13.4kWh lithium-polymer battery. While the peak power between both variants remains the same at 107kW, the Ego+ has 5Nm of extra torque at 215Nm compared to the standard model. Energica has capped the top speed at 240kmph. So, now you know why the electric MotoGP uses this motorcycle to compete. 

               Fancy a 240kmph all-electric motorcycle?

  • Energica is an Italy-based electric bike maker.
  • It has three models on offer: EsseEsse9, Ribelle and the Ego. 
  • The top-spec Ego+ has a whopping 215Nm of torque.

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