BMW E-Power Roadster Electric Motorcycle Prototype Revealed

BMW Motorrad has been quietly working on an electric motorcycle called the BMW E-Power. BMW Motorrad invited a chosen few European journalists to experience the prototype at the BMW Vehicle Development Centre in Miramas, southern France. The BMW E-Power Roadster Concept, as it's called, isn't really a production model at this stage, and looks like a mix-match of existing BMW motorcycle models, but with once crucial difference - an electric motor. The front end has been taken from a BMW S 1000 RR, while the rear drive is from a BMW R 1200 RS with a custom frame in the middle.

The E-Power Roadster tips the scales at 296 kg, and power in the current prototype configuration is said to be 100 kW (around 134 bhp). The torque figures are still not clear, and according to reports, the limiter of the current prototype starts at around 160 kmph. The E-Roadster is capable of DC fast-charging, and it can be fully charged in about an hour. However, in prototype form, there are issues with heat, and the charging of the battery starts slowing down once the battery gets above 40 degrees Celsius. BMW is reportedly working on an improved cooling system.

As things stand today, the BMW E-Power Roadster is just a concept, and BMW Motorrad is working on making the German brand's first electric bike have an actual range of 200 km on a single charge, and BMW says a production model will not be considered until it's capable of 200-300 km range on a single charge. What's important is that BMW Motorrad has an electric motorcycle program underway, and it will only be a matter of time, when the first BMW electric bike is released in production form.

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