Blacksmith B2 Electric Motorcycle Launch Next Year

Blacksmith B2 electric motorcycle is the newcomer into the green mobility space, successfully entering its third generation prototype with multiple batteries and options. The Chennai-based startup is making headlines internationally, offering features and details for their product even before its official launch in any of their target markets.

The Blacksmith B2 is expected to launch in Nepal next year. The future plan is to end petrol motorcycle production by 2025 for a certain displacement range (sub-150cc) and every upcoming electric motorcycle covers this segment to gain some attention before the segment gets crowded heavily.

Most of the EV brands are already using Li-ion batteries to gain the FAME-II incentive on offer. Blacksmith B2 electric motorcycle will feature a 5KW motor that can deliver a peak value of 19HP, whenever required. The upcoming bike generates a maximum torque output of 96 Nm while it can sprint from 0-50 kmph in just 3.7 seconds.

The motorcycle claims 120kph of top speed and range through a single battery is 120km. However, the setup supports dual power source fitment, taking the total range to 240km. As with other manufacturers, the brand will enter the Nepalese market with a full range of battery swap stations, delivery options, and home-based charging solutions that are faster than regular plug-play devices.

Blacksmith is yet to describe the AI-powered features of the B2 electric motorcycle while basic options like GPS-based tracking, locking, and anti-theft properties will arrive as standard. The price is expected to stay under NRS 5 lakh, with export prices being double the value and mostly changing with market demands and taxation.

The design lines of the B2 are quite different in comparison to regular bikes, offering wide seats, fuel tank-mounted console and unique fender design that may not make into the production variant due to its limitations. The wide handlebar and front windshield will favour highway riders for sure.


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