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Apple Electric Car Could Come By 2024

Nepal Auto Trader

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Apple is believed to be working on an electric vehicle project that it plans to launch in a few years time. The top-secret project is said to be in the works and the effort is believed to be known as Project Titan. Project Titan is the haloed Apple Car project which originally set out to build a unique autonomous electric car. Now, the reports suggest that Apple is back on track for developing its own branded car which could arrive in 2024 with a breakthrough battery technology that has been described as next level. This news comes just days after reports surfaced that Project Titan has been reshaped internally at Apple.

In December 2020, we learned that Apple was still already working on a full car, and at the moment, it plans to launch a car in 2024. Apple may work with a manufacturing partner to produce the cars, and develop next-level battery technology to expand its range efficiency. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the car will be Apple's "next star product" with Apple's ability to provide "better hardware, software and service integration" compared to potential competitors in the auto market. Apple often doesn't share details about what it's working on, but when it comes to car software, it's hard to keep quiet due to the regulations.

Apple's patent applications also cover the design of components for vehicles. The sunroof of an "Apple Car" could be set to slide a large glass panel. The headlight system can highlight drivers' road hazards, such as using a "luminous indicator". An anti-glare windshield system can protect drivers from bright lights by darkening or blocking panes of the glass. The seats and seatbelts have received particular attention by Apple, such as the use of a smart seatbelt. Even the doors have been worked over. Wireless charging systems have also been proposed. Apple's challenge can only be one of scale - which even for a company like Apple will be a daunting and financially cumbersome task.

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