338cc Harley-Davidson Bike To Make Debut In June 2020

Ever since Harley-Davidson has joined hands with the Chinese firm Zhejiang Qianjiang, both the manufacturers have been in the news on their upcoming entry-level motorcycle. To jog your memory, Zhejiang Qianjiang is smaller-displacement motorcycle manufacturer for the Asian markets which also owns Benelli. Now, according to a recently leaked presentation which sheds light on the upcoming 2020 motorcycles by the brand, one can certainly expect a 338cc Harley-Davidson bike to make an official debut around June 2020.

Though there is no official confirmation on the specifications of the upcoming motorcycle, one can expect the 338cc Harley-Davidson bike to be based on the Benelli 302 streetfighter, which is powered by a 300cc parallel-twin engine that is capable of generating maximum power of 38.26hp at 11,500rpm and a peak torque of 26.5Nm at 10,000rpm. One cannot expect Harley to use such a high-rpm engine on their upcoming product while how the brand will tune its engine to perform better is yet to be seen.

Apart from the engine and chassis, the suspension and the design language is likely to be provided by Harley-Davidson and it will be based on other products under its portfolio.

One can further expect the upcoming 338cc Harley-Davidson bike to be first launched in the Chinese markets. Since the official collaboration between the two manufacturers promises lower-displacement motorcycles for the Asian markets like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, India, Nepal and Australia, the launch of the motorcycle in the Nepalese market is expected to be planned after its debut entry in China.

In addition to this, the leaked presentation also showcased other products to be launched under the Benelli moniker which includes the likes of Benelli TRK800 ADV and Benelli 600N/600RR though no official confirmation has been received on the same.


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