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Top 5 Best Mileage Scooters in Nepal in 2021

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The demand for two-wheeled vehicles in the Nepalese market is high. As various brands of two wheels exist in the Nepalese market, every day new models of bikes and scooters launch and attracts many riders. In comparison to the bikes, various brands and models of scooters also roll down in the Nepalese streets. The lifestyle and glamour associated advertising campaigns of these scooters not only entice the interest of customers but also funnels’ down through the sales funnel and lure them for purchase. 

The major USP of the scooters is their dikies or box carriers. As Scooters are easy to ride vehicles, these inbuilt dikies provides freedom from carrying loads to riders. But despite having their unique selling proposition, Scooters are believed to give less mileage and considered to be less fuel-friendly in comparison to the bike. Thus, we have listed 5 top scooters available in the market with their characteristic to help you guide through your purchase.

1. Honda Grazia:

Allowing 60 kilometres mileage per litre fuel, it can store 5.3-litre fuel in its storage tank. Grazia is a power buster that generates 8.92 Brake Horse Power (Bhp) in 6,500 Rotation Per Minute (Rpm). It generates 10.54 torque in 5000 R.P.M. It consists of 4 stroke Accelerated System and has a fan cooling system and has a capacity of 125cc. Having a ground clearance of 171 millimetres and weighs 108 kgs. The market price of this power buster starts from NPR. Two Lakh and Twenty thousand. 

2. Honda DIO:

Honda DIO has been fascinating and luring Nepalese rider since its launch date. With the fuel capacity of a 5.3-litre storage tank, it can travel up to 55 Kilometers one each litre of fuel mileage. Honda DIO generates 8 brake horsepower in 7000 Rotation per minute. It generates 8.77-newton meter torque in 5,000 and 500 Rotation per minute. It consists of both kick start and self-start and weighs 105 kgs. The market price of this ever-fascinating Honda DIO begins from Two lakh and Sixteen Thousand. 

3. Suzuki Burgman Street 125:

It hasn’t been so long since Suzuki Burgman entered the Nepalese market and started penetrating with its charm. Allowing 53.5 km per litre of fuel consumed, this street charmer has a fuel capacity of 5.6 storage tank. It generates power of 8.60 Brake horsepower in 500 Rotation per minute and has a ground clearance of 155-160 millimetre. Weighing about 110kg, it comes in 125 cc capacity. The market price for this street charmer begins from NPR. Two Lakh and Forty-One Thousand. 

4. TVS NTORQ 125:

Since its launch, TVS NTORK has already accumulated all the positive reaction and response from Nepalese rider. Allowing 53.4 miles coverage for every litre of fuel consumed, NTORQ is a 4-stroke beast with an air-cooled single-cylinder and overhead camshaft (OHC) engine. It generates 9127 Brake horsepower in seven thousand and five hundred Rotation per minute. It consists of 10.5-newton meter torque in five thousand and five hundred rotation per minute. Having a ground clearance of 155mm., it consists of both kick and self-start and weighs 118kg. The market price of this beast begins from NPR. Two Lakh and Fifteen Thousand in Nepali market.

5. Aprilia SXR 160:

The phenomenal Aprilla SXR 160, has already captivated every riders’ attention with its unbeaten speed in the Nepalese market. Allowing up to 48-kilometre mileage in each litre of fuel consumed, it has a fuel tank capacity of 7 litres. This 160.03 cc phenomenon runs from the BS6 engine and generates 10.84 BHP power and 11.6 Nm torque. Weighing 129kg in gross, this SXR 160 is not less than any sport scooter. The market price for this unbeaten phenomenon begins from four lakh and nine thousand Nepalese rupees. 

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Author: Puskar Dawadi

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