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How Would You Like To Fail Your Motorcycle Driving Test ?!

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The practical motorcycle riding test differs from most of the tests we take during our lifetime. Almost everyone gets nervous preparing for their motorbike test and invest their time for trial. As the day of the test appears, they lose their nerves and fail. Driving Test demands mental and physical agility. There are some common mistakes everyone should be aware about before taking a motorcycle test. Or if you want to fail your driving test, try giving your best shot to achieve all of the pointers and tips mentioned below:

Practice! what do you mean by this? - ‘Don’t Stop the music’

Be over-confident and think you are ready for anything in your life. Imagine you are an experienced rider and have learnt everything right from your mother’s lap. Ignore mastering the basics but act like a show-stopper. Spend your time learning the classic stunts that awes and melts every girl’s / boy’s heart. Do your best. Take a deep breath and relax.

Assume you are an automotive engineer’ – ‘I’m Expert and I know it!’

You are an expert of bikes. You don’t need to test anything or have a pre-ride on the bike that has been allocated to you while appearing the test. Just believe that the turn signal lights or brake will work perfectly and don’t even dare to test it. Like always believe that you are not born to be examined by anyone. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Ignore the examiner manoeuvre and be distracted by the environment. Ignore to listen to the instruction and jump into test without completely understanding it. You can do it.

Who gives a damn wearing a Helmet properly?! – ‘I’m not a porcelain’

You don’t need to follow any safety protocols. You know you are strong and have imagined all your life that you are the world’s strongest man. Ignore wearing helmet as helmets are safety shield for weak but you are the hulk. You don’t need to protect your skulls or brain from the shock or breakage. You are the Iron man and aren’t made of Porcelain. Just ignore the single most important thing and ignore to buckle up your helmet. Let your smooth and silky hair wave in the wind.

‘Keep your cell phone on! - ‘I’m a business Tycoon’

You are one heck of a busy man. You have important call to receive. Keep the internet data on. You know that internet is cheap and it’s your money that you had been spending after all. It’s no one business to tell you to switch off your mobile while giving the driving test. Be sure to take that call or stop to see your messenger notifications. Divide your concentration on the vibration mode cell-phone that you have kept in your pocket. Let it tickle you. You are the person with many layers and these aren't distraction or temptations. This is your life affairs that you have to manage during your test as well. Be quick and easy to receive the phone / messages while the engine is running. You have an important deadline to meet. It is your right.

Stop signs, who cares! – ‘Don’t stop me now’

I don’t give a damn about the stop signs. What is stop sign and why are they even in regulation?’. Be in a hurry as you have other important things to deal in your life. Ignore the stop signs. You don’t need to follow any regulations designed for drivers to make a complete stop. No one can stop you and neither can anyone tell you when to stop. You are the person of your own will and it’s not compulsory to follow stop instructions as this sign has no significance in your real life. Take every chance and convert it into an opportunity.

‘Be fast and furious ‘- Catch me if you can’

You need to beat the track record of the fellow test takers.  Be fast as you can. Imagine that you can maintain easy bike control even at the high speed. You need to complete 5-10 minutes test in 2 minutes. You are surrounded by other drivers during the test. Start craving for recognitions and be appreciated and applauded by the examiner and other people standing nearby. Imagine that you are on a Moto-GP. You have laps after laps to complete. Forget to give yourself a buffer time. Start speeding instantly and ignore that you have downhill stretches to cover. Assume that your brake will work instantly while crossing that. Good Luck. 

The trial system in Nepal involves:

·         8 circled Path

It needs to be completed without your feet touching the ground.

·         A straight passage

It comes right after 8, that needs to be crossed. Your feet shouldn’t touch the ground.

·         Traffic Signal

Wait for the red light to turn green. Your feet can touch the ground at this time.

Turn left by operating the left indicator while the signal goes green.

Your feet shouldn’t touch the ground anytime.

·         Slope

You will reach a slope. You need to climb up and then climb down. Stop between the two lines at both end with one foot at the floor. Your feet can touch the ground while you are stopping.

·         Speed Breakers

Heed straight to the speed breakers without stopping the ignition. Your feet shouldn’t touch the ground anytime.

·         Your driving license test is complete and you successfully passed your driving test.

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