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Maruti 800 Electric Car Imagined; Looks Exceptional

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It is a well-known fact that the resurrection of some of the iconic product names from the iconic brands guarantees a feeling of nostalgia that automatically drives the audience in wishing for more and seeing the product back on the streets. This time, Rajshekhar Dass, a transportation designer from India has come up with an idea of a Maruti 800 electric car. Just the name 800 is the reminiscence of evocative history in the Nepalese markets and the resurrection of this name is bound to get major audience attention.

Since the Nepalese customers are not that keen on buying electric vehicles which are far greener than the regular gasoline-driven vehicles, a Maruti Suzuki 800 electric hatchback might be an easy way to make the customers incline towards a powerful electric powertrain.

The designer remembers seeing a Maruti 800 back in Turkey and since the car was one of the most preferred family cars in the Nepalese markets that contributed very huge amount of sales in all its lifetime, resurrecting the Maruti 800 with an electric powertrain might act as a game-changer in Nepal. Stay tune with us for more auto news in Nepal.

Maruti Suzuki 800 electric hatchback to be brought to reality and offering 130 km of range in a single charge of the battery. In addition to offering a preferred range, the hatchback should feature IoT (Internet of Things) features for smartphone connectivity, a fingerprint scanner as well as a facial recognition system to set it apart from the others.

The hatchback has been further imagined with a floating screen in the middle that offers multiple intelligent functions like operating windows, changing window tint colours and so much more. Though the imagination of a Maruti Suzuki 800 electric hatchback from the designer’s point of views seems to be rather far stretched for a hatchback to get exceptional features, one can certainly imagine it getting an electric powertrain and an affordable price tag in Nepal amidst some regular electric hatchback-inspired features. 

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