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Kawasaki Meguro K3 Officially Revealed

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In a bid to revive the Meguro brand of motorcycles, Kawasaki has officially revealed the Meguro K3. The Meguro K3 is identical to the Kawasaki W800. Meguro was founded in 1937 in Japan and entered into a partnership with Kawasaki Heavy Industries a few years later after production. Meguro sold a fair number of motorcycles at its peak, but at the end of WWII, it had to face several challenges and was captured by Kawasaki. However, Kawasaki has played well with subtle graphical updates on K3, making it even more appealing.

The Meguro T1 Senior, a 650 cc parallel-twin motorcycle, is said to be the inspiration from the Kawasaki W-series brand of motorcycles. The Meguro K3 is basically the Kawasaki W800, albeit with the beautifully designed Meguro badge and subtle visual modifications. This includes white stripes on the tank that are tastefully executed. The K3 takes a more classic, no-nonsense approach with white piping on the seats adding to the old charm. From design to sound from the exhaust, it is reminiscent of the old British twins. The K3, which is based entirely on the Kawasaki W800, will be Meguro's first new bike.

Kawasaki Meguro K3 is powered by a 773cc, air-cooled, inline twin engine that develops 52hp at 6,500rpm and 62.9Nm at 4,800rpm. The 773cc parallel-twin motor has a 360-degree crank offset as well. The engine is connected to a five-speed transmission with the help of a slipper clutch. The stated mileage is 21.1 kilometers per second, the same as the BS4 Kawasaki W800 model. The kerb weight of Meguro K3 is 227kg. Underpinnings and brakes are also the same as the standard version with ABS as standard braking duties.

Although, we haven't heard of any specific plans to expand the Meguro brand outside of Japan at this time. Kawasaki will sell the Meguro K3 in Japan for now. Whether it will launch the brand globally remains to be seen. It is unlikely that Kawasaki will launch this motorcycle in Nepal because the legacy of the Meguro brand will not fully resonate with the Nepalese public. For more information about auto news, please stay tune with us.

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