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Italjet Dragster: The Funky 2-Stroke Scooter

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The Italjet dragster has come a long way from being the funky 2-stroke scooter unveiled in early 2000s. We take a closer look. Those following the automotive scene of the last decade might remember in 2006, Kinetic had plans to introduce a funky looking scooter here. The Italjet Dragster had a two-stroke motor and a radical front end. However, the Dragster was dropped in favour of the Blaze and the moto scooter turned out to be just a flash in the pan. So we can not help but wonder what if Kinetic had launched the Dragster in Nepal and what if it had turned out to be successful. Would we then have had this, the 2020 Dragster come to our shores.

The new Italjet Dragster is a modern incarnation of the original Dragster and looks a lot meaner and purposeful. It retains the design language of the original. Of having an exposed frame and minimalistic bodywork. Only here the frame is almost entirely exposed and the bodywork is barely there levels of minimalistic. Steering is via a unique hub-mounted steering arm instead of conventional forks. This type of a setup does not have the suspension mounted on the steering. With this setup, you do not feel judders on the handlebars like you would on a conventional scooter each time it went over a bump. 

The Dragster's liquid-cooled motor has its radiator hidden inside the front apron. It gets twin headlamps with a projector beam setup. The fuel tank sits slightly ahead of the seat and can hold 7-litres of fuel. Believe it or not, the Dragster is a proper two seater scooter. It gets twin LED tail lamps and tiny two-piece grabrails. Like the original Dragster, the exposed trellis frame has the front monoshock nestled between the apron and the front seat.The rear swingarm gets a side mounted monoshock. Its exhaust is the only ungainly looking part in the entire scooter. 

The Dragster comes in red, yellow and orange colours. Given the minimal bodywork and aluminium components, it weighs just 112kg. The aluminium handlebar looks like it has been lifted off a motorcycle. You even get LED turn indicators on the funky looking aluminium knuckly guards. Power comes from a liquid-cooled single cylinder motor. It is available in 3 engine capacities: 125cc, 150cc and 200cc. The largest 200cc motor delivers 19.85PS and 17Nm of torque. The power is delivered via a CVT automatic transmission. The Dragster gets 12-inch front and 13-inch rear machined alloy wheels wrapped in front 120/70-12 and rear 140/60-13 Pirelli tyres. Braking is via Brembo 175 mm front disc and 240 mm rear disc. The scooter comes equipped with ABS. Will it come to Nepal ? We think not. While Italjet has not yet revealed prices for the scooters.

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