How to sell used car in nepal

Selling car that has you have been using for years looks like intimidating at the beginning, fear not we have compiled lists of things that will make your job as lot easier. Follow these simple steps to complete your car selling process.

One of the hardest part is to know car's worth you just don’t know the current market price. Go to different classified car market website and find the car that are similar that of your own with similar modal, features and specification. Now you know the average price of your car by comparing different factors like scratch, tires condition, service history, interiors and others you can easily put honest price of your car.

Another aspect of the car selling is to present your car to clients, for this you can shoot clear pictures of your car that resemble very close to your car. Photos should be very recent not from vacation 3 years ago.

Try to gather as much information as possible of your car. There might be something which you may not be aware of yourself do some homework.

You can include several forms of contact information for potential buyers when you place your ad. Providing both a phone number and an email address will increase your chances of receiving inquiries quickly.

Now final thing to do is to visit and put all of your car’s details, asking price with some margin for bargain, and at least 5 pictures of your cars including interiors. Now you can relax and go to bed and wait for approval. If you have done all the mentioned tasks you should start receiving inquiry.

During the initial exchange, get the prospective buyer's full name, email address and phone number; this will help you verify their identity after the call.

Treat your initial contact as a marketing opportunity. Resell the car over the phone or via email. Emphasize its key selling points without exaggerating.

Be honest and direct if the buyer asks tough questions about your car. This will ultimately save you time by narrowing down leads to the most interested buyers. In addition, honesty builds credibility — nobody expects a used car to be perfect, but they do want to know about problem areas.

Encourage the potential buyer to see and test-drive the vehicle. Arrange a meeting point or test drive for the near future and make yourself available at the buyer's convenience, if possible.

After the discussion, use directory listings or a follow-up email to confirm the buyer's identity. Be wary if the information provided doesn't check out.

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