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The most affordable Harley-Davidson could be in Nepal.

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Universally loved, the sound of a Harley Davidson engine is extremely unique. While the sound can be dampened, or enhanced depending on its exhaust pipes, the origin of this special sound comes from the way the engine has been designed. The engine’s pistons are timed so that one fire on one revolution of the crankshaft and the other fires on the next revolution. This means that one of the two pistons involved is always firing on every revolution. Each popping of the piston is the sound of the exhaust valve opening one time that happens on every second revolution of the crankshaft. Clever eh, and if you listen closely you can even hear the snap, crackle and popping sounds of the pistons separated by their pauses in between each pop. Whatever the sound, it’s the sound of champions and what will distinguish you from any other driver on the road.

Fancy a brand-new Harley-Davidson for just Rs 5  to 6 lakhs? Because what sounds like a far-fetched dream today could actually become a reality as early as next year. The company plans to launch its most affordable motorcycle in Nepal as well as other Asian markets by 2020. 

This big development was announced during the company’s 2019 First Quarter update. The company is working on two motorcycle platforms. The first one is a 250cc-500cc segment, whereas the second is a middle-weight platform that will see motorcycles in the 750cc segment. As of now, the American brand is working on both the platforms, however, the 250-500cc platform is being developed specifically for markets like Nepal.

This new upcoming motorcycle will be manufactured by a local company. Unfortunately, Harley-Davidson has been tight-lipped about its new partner. But we believe, this bike will be made in India and exported to the rest of the world. While the company has been reinventing its product portfolio, we think the upcoming smaller displacement motorcycle will have a bit of cruiser genre attached to it. Plus, to keep the costs in check, the American brand could be developing a single-cylinder motorcycle. 

We can expect Harley-Davidson to showcase some of their work, at least in the concept form late this year at the 2019 EICMA Show Italy.  

250cc-500cc Harley could be launched by next year

- Likely to be made in India

- Pricing will be competitive


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