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DC2 E Amby Launch Details And Key Specifications Revealed

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According to the latest buzz, the launch timeline of the electric Ambassador variant by the name “DC2 e Amby” that has been recently revealed by Dilip Chhabria is out. In addition to this, the key specifications of the electric car have been revealed by the brand. The reports suggest that DC2 plans to launch the “e Amby” by the end of 2021 and we are sure they will launch in Nepal around that period. 

The all-electric Ambassador variant has been designed by DC2, the brand that was formerly known as DC Design. The reports suggest that the “Electric Ambassador” name has been offered to the “e Amby” by the media while the production name of the car is expected to be changed a bit. It is confirmed that the production name will not feature the word “Ambassador” in it due to copyright issues. This has to be another upcoming car in Nepal that comes to bucket list.

The “e Amby” name has been preferred by the brand since it justifies the elite clientele for the car while the distinguished body design has been specifically imparted to the car to set it apart from the regular gasoline-driven cars. The brand currently feels that the “DC2 e Amby” will be the ultimate winner for the brand’s impending success in the Asian market considering the recent attention it is getting as well as its practicality.

The brand plans on equipping the electric car with four motors mounted on each wheel while the production variant can also feature only two motors, whatever justifies the sales with the audience. The car will be capable of sprinting from 0-60 kmph in just 4 seconds. In terms of dimensions, the “DC2 e Amby” electric sedan measures approximately 170mm more in length and 125mm more in width in comparison to the Hindustan Motors Ambassador.

The brand has only curated 4 prototypes of the electric car, all of which are under development in Switzerland. The brand further wishes to sell the “DC2 e Amby” project to another company or can sell it by itself in the markets depending on what brings them maximum profits. One can expect the production variant of the car to be brought in Nepal once the COVID-19 pandemic situation gets under control. And we can confirm you that there are plenty of electric car in Nepal(upcoming) yet to be launched.  Stay tune with us for more auto news in Nepal.

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